Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wilberforce and Company!

This little kitten was just so fun to take pictures of and is so photogenic.. (aka having big eyes and not being scared of the camera!) These are a few of the ones I got of him while visiting the Schafers this summer! 

Love her! 


I should have posted these a long time ago but I figured better late then not at all! I am very happy for Seth and Katie and it was lots of fun to celebrate with them! I didnt get a ton of pictures that day but wanted to post some of the ones I did.. enjoy! 

a rainy day..

Andrew's expressions are priceless! 

great food! 

And! great company.. :) 

I've missed Ceri's laugh! 

loved the touch of burlap and twine! I'd say it was a pintrest wedding..

what a great idea! 

Katie.. the beautiful bride!